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We are thrilled to announce the return of our festival this year and at no charge.

In return for providing an intimate event full of ancient wisdom and techniques, we are asking for you to reciprocate and support us.  Your gift in kind is for our effort to create this festival and to honor our guest presenters. 


We all are in different spaces and places, yet the knowledge for our health and well-being shouldn't be limited on our finances.  This is why we are offering this event out through in kind gifts from sponsors, strangers, festival attendees and guests alike. 

Please register for the day(s) in which you are wishing to attend through our registration calendar.

If you would like to stay on site during the festival see details and pricing at

 venue information.

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Firstly, know that I am a big fan of conscious festivals.  Not all are perfect, but you must know that at their best they can provide us with a glimpse of what life on Earth could be like if all humans were in touch with their potential humanity!  Attending the Universal Consciousness Festival I truly felt included, connected and free to be my own true self without fear of being labeled or judged.  The openness and willingness to share thoughts and insight was truly transforming.  The lectures, movement classes and workshops were diverse, hosted by learned experts and I could feel the investment of the presenters in the process.  I felt safe in this space and part of something life changing and magical.  I would heartily recommend attending with an open heart, open mind and spirit


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